A few small verticals could be nice, maybe three 11x14s in 16×20 frames.Your best bet is to use some really low tack painter’s tape to make rectangles on your wall in different sizes to see what looks good. Did you try Dick Blick? I’ve always had a unique way of seeing the world, often through rose-colored glasses, and always with an open heart.Can I use this on my blog as a reference?

Somewhere in the 20 inch wide range is probably where you should be looking, map it out with painter’s tape to see how you like it.

I think a king size bed is 76 inches so that’s as wide as I’d go with my frame, though you could stand to go less. You should be considering something 38-51 inches wide, use painter’s tape to mark it on the wall and see what you think.I have a double bed with no headboard my Ceilings are 2.4 metres in height I have a canvas print 90 cm x 120 cm is that to big for a double bed.120 cm wide is getting to be a bit wide for the bed. Oversized art refers to all wall art that is 41 inches or larger in height or width. I had lyrics from one of her favorite songs printed out ({this Etsy shop} did it for me) so her art … Ultimately it boils down to personal preference and because I know it can be hard figuring out where to start when The bed shown above is a double so it measures 54 inches across. A sculptural piece of wall decor is one of the more unexpected routes to go for above the bed, which is why it’s the most likely to feel fresh and playful. Correct size of art over king sized bed. Enjoy!So is a double bed the same as a queen size or full size?Hi Seni, According to Wikipedia a double bed and a full are the same size – This was so helpful! ?Hi Nancy, Without seeing the space, I’d think the larger size is too big, with the 24″ high piece being the maximum you should go. Ideas for art work size?I’d honestly be tempted to leave that spot above the bed empty. I believe that life doesn’t have to be busy in order to be full, rich, and beautiful. Thanks for this very helpful post. Would a picture 24×24 be too small.I have queen size examples here that might help you to visualize >Using the 60-80% size as a starting point, I’d say a 24×24 would be too small, unless you use a wide mat. Can you get a king size mattress through a … What color paint is used on the walls. Do you prefer matted pieces or unmatted? I think it really depends on the art, the way it’s displayed, and the look and feel you’d like to achieve. I’d have to say it depends on your room and the look you’re going for. Copyright © Jennifer Squires Productions 2007-2020. It’s pretty easy to make in PhotoShop, you just need a photograph of, say, a bed, then you can scale your images based on the width of the furniture. Take your ceiling height into consideration too, if you have a tall headboard you’ll have less space above it.Jennifer, HI..I just now bumped into your website, like what you are doing.

Art above nightstands AND the bed can definitely work if done right. This is one of the best examples of showing things I have found to date.Thanks for your kind words about my work! How big of a door frame can a king size mattress fit through?

Any suggestions?Jan, take a look at my article about Large Wall Art for Above the Sofa here –What size print would you do with a matte and very thin frAme above a king size bed?Hi Trisha! A big question I get asked is what is the ideal art size above a king bed. The ceilings are Cathedral and I’m told I need a large picture. Can a 14 uhaul truck move a king sized bed?

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